Sam's Platform

Family Farms & Food Security


Alabama agriculture is a major driver of our local and state economies. What's more, it provides healthy food for families across Alabama. In the State Senate, Sam will work to give farmer the tools they need to thrive. 

Lower Taxes & New Business


Our budgets should reflect our values, and Sam will fight for lower taxes and trimming wasteful spending that attracts new businesses to relocate to North Alabama, expand, and hire locally. 

Strong Schools & a Brighter Future


When we strengthen our education system and get government out of the way, we give teachers the ability to do their jobs, we give parents peace of mind and, most importantly, we give Alabama students a better shot at success. 

Family & Conservative Values


Sam believes strong family values and conservative principles guide us and make Alabama great. He wants to strengthen those ideals in Montgomery for Huntsville, Meridianville, Hazel Green and surrounding communities in North Alabama. 

New Jobs & Higher Wages


North Alabama has enjoyed recent success in growing -- and retaining -- new  quality jobs. Sam wants to continue his work with local leaders to build on that success and support an economy that works for everyone and grows stronger by the day.  

Better Roads & Bridges


Our region provides a strong tax base for the entire state, and it's time North Alabama gets a fair shake in the way infrastructure projects are prioritized. Sam is running for State Senate to fight for more resources from Montgomery for our roads and bridges.